CAD work

This is something I created myself at home with paints. I wanted to create a repeated pattern out of it on Photoshop. I thought it would look good as a repeated pattern as I wanted something to place under the cut outs of my Room set for my final piece. Bubbles is one of the main aspects of this project so I definitely wanted to include it in my work. I decided not to change the colors to keep it original and real. For further development, I could have placed it as a wallpaper on a room set or even changed the colors and experimented with it bit more. To improve this, I could have made it less blocky to create a better result but I am overly happy with the outcome.

This is another repeated pattern I created for the background of my room set. I thought the fish scales would look really good repeated and create an eye-catching wallpaper design. The downside of this is that the colors appear a little dark and diffused, I should have sharpened the image more and maybe changed the colors but I thought the current colors went well with the rest of my color theme.


The original image on the left was made by me and scanned in. I wanted to completely change this image, but also combine the bubbles in with it. First I used a twisting filter to create this realistic moving water effect. To bring back the image of the bubbles I selected a filter where the top image becomes transparent and creates a overlapped effect. The colors didn’t really relate to my theme, so I changed the hue saturation to a sea green/ blue color to match my theme. I think I could have worked harder and maybe created a room set  on photoshop and placed my patterns in certain places to replace the bedcovers for example. This would have saved me time and gave me more of a wider range of samples to choose from and experiment with.




The theme that I was given was The Great Barrier Reef. Initially when I was given the image, I thought of the earth and water. I began to brainstorm all the ideas linked to the barrier reef. I came up with a number of ideas including bubbles,fish and the sea. One of the first ideas that came to my head was bubbles, so i decided to research a little on them. From researching, I found an artist called Hedy Yang who uses bubbles as part of her pottery designs. From looking at her work more, I grew to really like her work and wanted to experiment myself. I didn’t just want to focus my work on bubbles, I wanted to incorporate sea life creatures and textures because they are a big part of the Great Barrier Reef. Although it was just the beginning of the project, I wanted to have an idea of what I wanted to do for my final piece so I spoke to a tutor who showed me some previous second years final work. This really helped me because I had more of an idea of where I wanted to go next with my samples.

I created some good samples, but didn’t know how to develop them and was struggling a little with ideas. I spoke to a tutor who looked at all my work and spoke to me about it. We came down to the conclusion that I was focusing too much on printing and drawing and that I should include some sewing techniques and 3d texture so I went off to research for some inspiration. I found a book called Ocean Life by Vic Cox which has real images of sea life creatures including coral and fish which is what I needed. I began to focus more on the textures of fish skin and coral instead of the actual full thing. I produced some really good samples from looking at it.


My strengths are definitely in drawing and pattern making/ printing which shows through my book and my final outcome so this is what I focus on in most projects. I do also like to experiment with new things and things that are outside my comfort zone, but I will always be that little bit better at printing and designing. Although sewing isn’t really where my strengths lie, I have definitely learnt to never say no to new experiences and opportunities because I don’t know what the outcome could be. I have had my ups and downs but I am now prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. I don’t like taking any negative comments about my work but I am now learning to  take criticism as a positive thing to help me better my work.

In this project, I have been more organised than I have in previous projects which has really helped me in the long run. I just need to manage my time better and always annotate my work as go along. Next time I would really like to construct a garment because I have never done it as a final piece before and I would like to try something different.

For this current project, I have produced an interior based outcome incorporating my printing skills into it. I got the inspiration from a former students work that has been displayed. I loved the simplicity of it and how it looked very sophisticated. It was perfect for me because I didn’t want to over complicate things for myself. Overall I am very pleased with the final results of my final pieces and also all of my book work because I was struggling at first and was very negative about it all, but now looking at it all, I am very pleased and proud that I got this far.


Drawing/Life Drawing 

Here is the homework that was set on line drawings.

Henri Matisse

I kept this one in pencil because we were told to produce line drawings.

Because of the style of this image, I wanted to use black charcoal for a more rough and vintage look.

Before this experience, I had never done life drawing before and I never thought I would ever be successful at it. From these lessons I have learnt a lot. I already knew how to draw but from these lessons I have learnt how to take accurate measurements and create figures that are all in proportion. I was never a fan of using charcoal to draw but by using it a few times, I have learnt that it isn’t so bad and bringing new media and texture into drawing can create some good effects. I am happy that I took part in life drawing because now I can take everything I have learnt away and draw accurate and realistic faces and bodies.


As part of our project, we went to visit the Graham and brown factory which was amazing. We got to see the financial side of it as well as the merchandising and industrial side. It definately gave me an insight as to what goes on behind it all, because all we see, as customers is the pretty wallpaper not knowing how much hard work goes into it. I really enjoyed my visit and did ask a few questions. There are jobs that people can apply for which I have thought about.

Interim Review

On the 6th October, I had an interim review with my tutor Danielle. I showed her all the work I had produced so far. She gave me a lot of feedback which helped me a lot and gave me a better understanding of where to go next. I had lack of research, which I have now worked on and bettered. I was also leaving annotation to the last minute which I have been working on. It is really useful getting feedback from tutors and also peers during group critique as it guides me a little better.20161007_144814-copy