This project was a very unexpected one. When we were first given the brief, I wasn’t so sure what to do. Once I had picked an area to focus on, in my case it was visual merchandise and promoting the product, I was pretty sure what I was going to do and began to research. It was going well but the ideas that I had didn’t really relate to Carradice and how David visually displays his work. I figured  this from the visit we had from David Chadwick. He likes to display his work digitally whereas my ideas were focusing on actual window displays and visually merchandising it that way. From there, I figured I should choose something I am good at doing which is creating and pattern making so I picked the area that focuses more on the pattern of the bags rather than the construction.

This whole process has been very exciting for me because I had never worked with an industry lead brief before until now and I must say I have enjoyed the project even though there have been some hiccups along the way. It has been a learning curve for me and has given me some good experience of how life is in the industry world. From this experience, I have learnt how to manage my time better and how to balance two things at once as I have had university and Portfolio work to be doing at the same time as this project. I have also learnt that the things I may think are right in my eyes may not necessarily fit in with what is asked from the producer or the company. The audience always comes first and research is very important as I have learnt from this project.

It has been pretty hard having to focus on two things at once but I have managed to pull through and other moments will come in my life  where I have to do multiple things at once, so I have taken this as a learning journey and as a positive to prepare me for the future. Having this experience  will definitely help me in the future as I will already have some knowledge about industry and business and I can pass this on to other peers and partners.



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