Target Market

Target Market is such an important part in business and industry, if you are going to produce something, you need to know who your customers are first.  My specific designs are targeted at people of the age of 18 to mid 30’s, who are into their sports and like keeping active as well as in touch  with their style. They like having the latest sports gear and good quality outdoor wear and accessories. I imagine my audience to be the busy, working type people in the day and who like to go to the gym to release all their days stress and like to keep in shape. If I was to put myself in the audiences shoes, I would be someone who dresses very smartly,  has a good job earning a decent amount of money and also likes to have a good time traveling and taking part in outdoor activities in my spare time. I am a very chilled out person who loves their music, good food, reading, running and shopping. My dress sense is very smart on working days as well as normal days. I love my sports and enjoy shopping for my outdoor wear. It is important for me to have good quality accessories, that is bags as well as clothing. A good gym kit or outdoor kit wouldn’t be complete without a handy bag to store all my necessities in.

I chose to do the  camouflage design because is is popular for elderly people as well as young teenagers.It’s currently trending and very popular in both male and female fashion. I know that if I create something that is currently up to date in the trends, more customers will get attracted. I can see my designs on a duffel gym bag as well as rucksacks which are more fashionable to wear as an accessory.



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