Notes/Peer/Interim Assessments/Feedback

Within a week or so of having our brief given to us, we had a peer assessment. Our blogs weren’t fully developed but the purpose of it was to know where we were at at that moment in time. I like it when we have short assessments like this because it is nice having someone else look at your work instead of you and hearing their opinion and input on it. Having my peer tell me what to improve on and what my next steps were guided me a lot as I had more of a clear vision as to where I was heading next.Th16251409_1213488415402338_98475088_o

Throughout any project we always have a few tutorials just to see where we are at and to give ourselves reminders of what we need to include. During these tutorials, I always take notes to remind myself and because it is important that I ensure I am including everything that is asked of me. I also took some notes from the David Chadwick visit because he gave some vital information and it has really helped me looking back at all these notes no matter how big or small they are. Ii also always make sure I jot down notes on the actual brief because that is where all the requirements are listed and I know I will always be looking back at that.



Shireen- Interim Assessment (26/01/17)16326644_1213488505402329_803302195_oHaving this Interim Assessment with my tutor has really helped me because although I have been doing well with my practical samples, I have been a bit lost on the research side. I have included research but it hasn’t been relevant, so having talked to Shireen has guided me and shown me where I need to head now. I know what I need to include now because everything is listed and broken down on this sheet. I make sure I keep looking back at this as well as the brief and ticking off things that I have completed. I want to make sure I meet all the criteria and this will guide me in doing so.



Issues- having interviews and portfolio at same time




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