2016 has been filled with a lot of beige, neutral colours along with pastel greys and the bubblegum pinks. There has definitely been a pop of colour though, with the bright yellow and green fur and the big puffa jackets. Kakhi and the military style is another trend that has been going wild and is still trending now in 2017. The colours have hit the catwalks and have been worn by both men and women.


Here are some of the shots from the catwalks of the fall 2016/2017 Trends. Even though the clothing is nothing to do with bags and what our brief is, I feel it is important to see what exactly is trending at the moment because no one wants to buy something that is out of trend. People, especially teenagers like myself like to have the latest products and fashion wear. It will be good for David because if my designs do get picked, they will be of the latest trends which will appeal to more people.


Mood Board

My mood board is also where I started. It is my way of planning and gathering information. I just gathered some images that inspired me and are currently trending. This was just a starting point for me and a rough idea of what kind of colours I was going for.Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.20.36 PM.png

Looking at the recent trends, I have seen a lot of Military green/khaki being worn. My inspiration of camouflage came from seeing people and places every day along with shopping at stores and also researching high end designers . I have seen it being worn on the catwalks, on people out and about both male and female, its also on hats, trousers, makeup and other accessories not just bags. This made me want to take the design of camouflage into my project because so far, I haven’t seen anything like it in Carradice. UPSO consists of many bright colours and there isn’t really any pattern involved except for the text and the lines that come with the tarp. Introducing a pattern like camouflage will add some character and depth to his bags and would also sell very well because it is already so popular.

Here is just a few examples of where my inspiration has come from. Some of them are from top designers and brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Burberry.









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