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I am going to design some patterns and prints for Carradice’s bags. His original bags from Upso are quite bald and bright which I don’t particularly like, but on the other hand I do like the colour range from seatgear. I would like to combine both and take the colors from seatgear and take the pattern aspect from UPSO.

Here I am just looking at the designs of UPSO’s bags in dept to give me more of an insight as to what I can include for my designs.


I know that I want my surface pattern to be based on camouflage, but looking at the style of the UPSO bags, I like how there are huge letters going accross them. I want to produce something along the same lines but in my own style, so that it is something different yet still effective. I decided to research upon some companies and brands that produce products in a similar style.


I chose Adidas because as well as they sell  for their clothing, their sports wear and accessories sell massively around the world. They mainly sell in JD and Sports Direct and have also started to sell in high street stores like River Island and Top Shop.  As I am concentrating on the sports aspect, I thought this would be perfect as part of my research. I  shop at Adidas myself and admire their style and the huge variety of products and clothing  they have. Their target market is mainly people of the ages of  20-29 who are athletics or people that are passionate about sports. They are currently broadening their target market to people of the ages 14-19. Having their own brands like Adidas athletics, Adidas Porsche design sports, Adidas Originals broadens the company more and attracts many more customers like myself.

The comparison is obvious! As you can see, the Porsche brand, which is the two bags at the top is much more sleek and expensive looking and it is indeed more expensive than the others. It aims at more wealthier people who may be in a higher job than others. I can see it on a healthy rich man who is well dressed in an airport or even someone who is travelling. On the other hand, the Adidas Originals sell more to the younger generation as they are  more colourful and hip hop. There is a wide variety to choose from, where some are more bald and bright, some are also quite classy and sleek. These sell at a much cheaper price than the other brands.  I can see a young teen in a tracksuit with most of these bags, someone who is in high school who likes breaking the rules and likes to think they know it all as well as young teens who are in touch with their style and like listening to hip hop/rnb music.

I also chose Adidas because as you can see each bag is individual. Some have the logo in large scale covering the whole of the front of the bag with a simple surface print as the design of the bag. Whereas some are more simple with the logo on a small scale. Some also have only the tree stripes with a small sized logo. I take inspiration from this because I couldn’t decide weather to have my UPSO logo accross the whole of the bag or just in the corner on a tiny scale. Having looked at these Adidas bags, I have come to a conclusion that I can do a mixture of both, this way I have a variety of designs for David to choose from.


Nike is another company that is hugely popular all around the world. Whether its a normal T-shirt or gym wear, it is seen being worn everyday by nearly everyone. I chose this brand as part of my research because it target markets at people who are into their sports and like to move around whether that’s indoors, in the gym or  outdoors bike riding. Carradice aims at people who like to enjoy the outdoors and their UPSO brand aims at the same type of audience. As popular as Nike is for their shoes, their bag designs are developing vastly. They have many brands specifically for sports like the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Roshe and many more. Each brand is identified easily because they all have an individual style. For Example the Nike Air is more sporty looking and  has more bright, neon colours in them, whereas the roshe are more of a fashionable brand. They have a wide range  of different bags from bag packs to duffel bags to gym bags and they always make sure they are up to date with the latest trends. As well as sports wear they do have normal lifestyle bags that can be  added as an accessory.  Depending on what kind of bag it is, the prices start  from about £15 and go up to around £150.

I wanted to see how Nike bags display their logo in different ways. From abit of research, I can see that some of them have just the Nike Tick on its own whereas some have Nike written across the whole of the bag like the Adidas ones. This has really helped me because I now have more ideas as to how I can display my logo on my designs.



Conclusion- Reason  I chose cheap and expensive brands/companies- compare prices- compare to Carradice.- Polyester

The reason I chose to compare expensive brands along with not so expensive brands is to show that prices don’t just get picked based on how a product looks. They vary depending on the quality of the product, the materials used, the time and effort put in. For example the Seatgear bags along with the Adidas Porsche brand bags are more expensive because they come from expensive cars which consist of good quality leather, just like the UPSO bags, the tarp is of good quality and will not wear off quickly. On the other hand, bags like the Adidas string bags aren’t so expensive because they are made from normal polyester which will probably wear off quite quickly. I think it is good to compare because a lot of businesses and industries also do  this as part of competition to see what they could do to make their products that little bit better.

Over the past few weeks, I have experimented a lot using screen printing and stitching. I have produced a few outcomes of the UPSO letters using some of the tarp given to us by David and also some from a few samples of leather and tarp I have found within College. The first few samples I created were on paper, just to see what results I would get, I used the colours I mostly see on the Carradice website aswell as  the colours from seatgear just to see how well they will all go together, they turned out very well and I will definitely be producing more samples. With my camouflage designs, I have done some using different shades of green and also using black and neutral pinky greys. Because we are so used to seeing the typical army green, I thought I should experiment using different colours. On a few of my other  samples, I have combined my camouflage designs as well as the UPSO letters  to see whether both the camo and the big letters go well together. I have realised they do go together, but I would also like to experiment more using CAD to see what the letters would look like if they were reduced in size to become the logo instead of big letters going accross the bag.

My official designs started with a stencil that I made. I have used this throughout my project to create the camouflage surface print.


I have experimented with a lot of materials, textures and colours using screen printing, stitching, drawing and cutting.

Here is some printing I did. I have used the UPSO logo to create a screen. I have continuously



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