CAD work- Unit 12

This is something I decided to do in Adobe Illustrator. It is not my final outcome, but I just wanted to experiment a little and try out a few ideas. I am pretty sure that I will develop this further after more research. I am also going to do a few freehand sketches on paper just because it is easier sometimes to rub things out and add to them.screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-54-42-pm

 Bag designs

During this project, I have produced a lot of practical work which has been great but it has no use on its own. I decided to scan my designs in and interpret them onto some bags. I think it is important to do this as it gives more of an insight as to what the final outcome could look like and it also looks very professional when it comes to mounting them up and presenting them.I have produced a number of designs which I would like to try out in different ways. Some of my designs have the UPSO letters on quite a large scale along with some print in the bag, whereas some of them are just surface print patterns of camouflage. It would be interesting to see how many different outcomes I can come up with, it will be good to have a range of designs for David to have a look at than just one boring one.I have mixed up some of my colours, where camouflage is normally a army khaki colour, I have used different shades of green on some, where on some theres no green at all. I have done this because I wanted my designs to stand out and look different and not just like the ordinary patterns we see on a normal day.

I started off by drawing a simple outline of a bag, I chose a duffel bag as one of my main shape of bag, because it is trending a lot this year and it is also associated with sports and gym.

original-bagI outlined this image with a sharpie marker to make it easier for me to edit on Photoshop as the lines are more bald and visible.


I scanned in one of my designs into Photoshop.upso

Here, I have used Photoshop to interpret my design on to the outline of the bag. I kept this first one it its original colour just to see what it looks like on an actual bag. I changed the colour of the straps so that they go well with the rest of the bag, but I haven’t done anything over the top. To develop this further I could try and see what the straps look like with my patterns on them along with a plain, no patterned bag. bag-designs

Here, I have just experimented with changing the Hue Saturation. I liked this grey colour which is quite neutral and would go with anything. For the straps, I kept them grey but with a hint of brown just to add a bit of colour and character to the bag.bag-designs-2

Here, I created a repeated pattern out of one of my own designs.



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