Visual Merchandise/window displays/shops/ideas

I have chosen to design a suitable window display for Carradice. I intend to research through the internet as well as books and face to face visits to different shops. I have already been to various shops and had a look at the window displays. I have definitely taken some inspiration of how things can be showcased and sold through visual merchandising.

Here is one example I found in Debenhams.

My current ideas have been based around items and materials based around car wheels and tools but this might change as I do further research.

I have been doing some primary research. I have been to town many times and taken pictures of shop displays. I don’t want to just focus on window displays but also on how products are displayed differently in different shops. I want to find out the kind of props that are used to give me more ideas.

One other from of research has been Pinterest. I have been looking at different ways of displaying things along with props.

Here I was looking at how different shops display their products differently. I wasn’t only focusing on the actual window display, I focused a little more on how the actual products were placed and what props were used to make them look presentable. As you can see, most of these displays have a theme and aren’t just placed in any random area. The sports bags are all displayed along with the sports wear and other sports gear. In the picture I took of the perfumes in New Look, they are all placed in a certain position and presented in a very professional manner. The nail polish display in Next was displayed along with all the other makeup, but because it is a new addition to their store, they have displayed them on a stand so that they can promote their latest addition to attract more buyers. This happens in many shops, the most recent addition is always displayed at the front, so for example if a new top is in store they will display it  on a mannequin along with a completed outfit to show what will go well together which gets the attention of more customers. I have noticed that many stores do this weather it is clothes, shoes or other products.


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