CAD work

This is something I created myself at home with paints. I wanted to create a repeated pattern out of it on Photoshop. I thought it would look good as a repeated pattern as I wanted something to place under the cut outs of my Room set for my final piece. Bubbles is one of the main aspects of this project so I definitely wanted to include it in my work. I decided not to change the colors to keep it original and real. For further development, I could have placed it as a wallpaper on a room set or even changed the colors and experimented with it bit more. To improve this, I could have made it less blocky to create a better result but I am overly happy with the outcome.

This is another repeated pattern I created for the background of my room set. I thought the fish scales would look really good repeated and create an eye-catching wallpaper design. The downside of this is that the colors appear a little dark and diffused, I should have sharpened the image more and maybe changed the colors but I thought the current colors went well with the rest of my color theme.


The original image on the left was made by me and scanned in. I wanted to completely change this image, but also combine the bubbles in with it. First I used a twisting filter to create this realistic moving water effect. To bring back the image of the bubbles I selected a filter where the top image becomes transparent and creates a overlapped effect. The colors didn’t really relate to my theme, so I changed the hue saturation to a sea green/ blue color to match my theme. I think I could have worked harder and maybe created a room set  on photoshop and placed my patterns in certain places to replace the bedcovers for example. This would have saved me time and gave me more of a wider range of samples to choose from and experiment with.



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