The theme that I was given was The Great Barrier Reef. Initially when I was given the image, I thought of the earth and water. I began to brainstorm all the ideas linked to the barrier reef. I came up with a number of ideas including bubbles,fish and the sea. One of the first ideas that came to my head was bubbles, so i decided to research a little on them. From researching, I found an artist called Hedy Yang who uses bubbles as part of her pottery designs. From looking at her work more, I grew to really like her work and wanted to experiment myself. I didn’t just want to focus my work on bubbles, I wanted to incorporate sea life creatures and textures because they are a big part of the Great Barrier Reef. Although it was just the beginning of the project, I wanted to have an idea of what I wanted to do for my final piece so I spoke to a tutor who showed me some previous second years final work. This really helped me because I had more of an idea of where I wanted to go next with my samples.

I created some good samples, but didn’t know how to develop them and was struggling a little with ideas. I spoke to a tutor who looked at all my work and spoke to me about it. We came down to the conclusion that I was focusing too much on printing and drawing and that I should include some sewing techniques and 3d texture so I went off to research for some inspiration. I found a book called Ocean Life by Vic Cox which has real images of sea life creatures including coral and fish which is what I needed. I began to focus more on the textures of fish skin and coral instead of the actual full thing. I produced some really good samples from looking at it.


My strengths are definitely in drawing and pattern making/ printing which shows through my book and my final outcome so this is what I focus on in most projects. I do also like to experiment with new things and things that are outside my comfort zone, but I will always be that little bit better at printing and designing. Although sewing isn’t really where my strengths lie, I have definitely learnt to never say no to new experiences and opportunities because I don’t know what the outcome could be. I have had my ups and downs but I am now prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. I don’t like taking any negative comments about my work but I am now learning to  take criticism as a positive thing to help me better my work.

In this project, I have been more organised than I have in previous projects which has really helped me in the long run. I just need to manage my time better and always annotate my work as go along. Next time I would really like to construct a garment because I have never done it as a final piece before and I would like to try something different.

For this current project, I have produced an interior based outcome incorporating my printing skills into it. I got the inspiration from a former students work that has been displayed. I loved the simplicity of it and how it looked very sophisticated. It was perfect for me because I didn’t want to over complicate things for myself. Overall I am very pleased with the final results of my final pieces and also all of my book work because I was struggling at first and was very negative about it all, but now looking at it all, I am very pleased and proud that I got this far.



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