My Book Work

I chose to draw a glass because it is transparent just like water. It can hold water also and can be molded into anything. I chose to use water colors to make it that bit more realistic.  I am very pleased with the overall result.


I tried to recreate this picture of a water droplet. It really links to my theme and I love drawing and using chalk pastels, I can create any effect I want. I think by using chalk pastels, I was able to create the reflective effect which makes it look more realistic.


I painted this marble because it is also made out of glass and is very beautiful. I have used a lot of blues in my book so I decided a marble is perfect to add a pop of color. Water colors made it much more easier to pain t and also made it look really realistic.



I decided to screen print because it is where my strengths lie. I cut out a stencil and picked my colors. I stuck to earthy colors as I was going to produce an image of the globe. I did not expect the results to be as good as they turned out to be. Although I was pleased with the outcome of my screen print, something was lacking. I decided to add the outline of a country over it to add some definition to it and make it less boring .


I quite liked the shape of the country that I drew previously and I wanted to create a pattern out of it. I used the same shape in my design but I just flipped it around in different directions. because of my theme, I used the same earthy colors so it doesn’t look random. I used a thin layer of paint because I wanted the lines to show through it to make it look more effective.


Here I have used the same shape but this time, I have used tracing paper and wax crayons. I wanted to experiment with different materials and textures and I thought this would be the perfect combination. I used different shades of blue to make it look more interesting and appealing to the eye. 14672893_1102510919833422_1563623469_o

For this piece, I cut out the same shape and layered it with another printed paper that I painted. I thought this would be something different and adds some character to a boring blank canvas. I stuck with the same colours in order for it to link to my work more. I will definitely be using the layering technique more often as it adds life to a design and it also creates texture. 

For this piece, I have incorporated my sewing skills. I picked a hand full of a few materials that resembled water and sea life and sewed them together into a patchwork design.  I also cut out the outline of a country so it was more interesting and the patchwork idea made it look more interesting in my eyes. I used a lighter thread as I was using fairly darker colours, I wanted the stitching to stand out and bring out the different textures of the material. 

I created a fashion illustration using different materials and textures. I also added a few bubbles in chalk Pastel as my work was looking a little lifeless. I think it really brings some character to my design. I dislike the head part of my illustration as it looks messy and rushed. In the future I will definitely be making sure every aspect or my work looks neat and tidy.

I created a little mood board to inspire me and give me more of an idea as to what I need to be focusing on. I have tried my best to incorporate everything shown on this mood board. 

Although an eye may seem irrelevant to my theme, I wanted to incorporate one after looking at my previous mood board. The colour of different eyes inspired me especially blue and green toned ones. My initial idea was to draw an eye and create an image of the globe as the iris. I ended up blending the chalk pastels in too much so it didn’t really turn out how I wanted it to, but I am still overly pleased with the result. 

Originally, these were three separate sheets of paper that I designed using chalk pastels. I created the texture of the sea and bubbles along with fish scales. They looked boring and I wanted to do something with them so I decided to rip them up into thin strips and then I placed them underneath each other overlapping them a little to make them look like a collage.


Here I have recreated an image from a book I have been using as part of my research, the book is called ‘Ocean Life’ by Vic Cox. It has been very helpful to me as most of my samples have come from it. The great Barrier reef consists of sea life creatures as well as plants such as coral so I decided to look at fish and fish scales along with it.


This is the book I have used.


Here are all the samples and research pictures for the fish scales I have incorporated in my work. I have used many materials and tools to create a very realistic effect.


I saw an image of a jellyfish from the book and decided to create a sample out of what I saw. This isn’t the exact image but it is similar as I forgot to take a picture of it from the book. The silky transparent material resembles the tentacles that can be seen. I folded the material and sewed into it to create the ruffles. I used a mixture of colors to create a nice contrast and overlapped effect.

Here is some of the work I produces in my sketchbook. I decided to do a simple flat painting as well as a textured sewn piece. The picture on the right resembles the tentacles again but I have just used black and white to create an atmosphere.


I also looked at coral and the texture of it so I could produce some samples. I took note of all the colors that can be seen and created some prints along with a 3 dimensional sample. I used the same material that I used to create the jellyfish one except I picked different, more neutral colors. I have tried my best to get the right colors and to put the right ones together. I could take this further by producing garments and other clothing.



Here I have taken small samples of all the materials I have used during this project.


This is my plan for my final piece. I think it is important to create a plan before hand as it makes it easier and less stressful because you already know what you are doing.


This is just some papers ripped from an interiors magazine as my final piece is going to be a room set with some set with some of my samples to go along with it. I ripped the ones that interested me and I have actually used one as part of my final outcome.


This is the room set I chose to go along with.


I traced this room set and filled some sections with colour just to have more of an idea of what I want my final piece to look like.


This is what my final piece looks like. I have cut out some sections and replaced them with my samples. The samples that are placed behind the cut out sections are some I made CAD. I took some handmade samples and scanned them in. I then created a repeated pattern out of them on Photoshop. Along with this roomset, I am going to place my original samples underneath to show where my ideas and inspiration came from. All of this is going to go on a A1 mount card. I am also going to have another mounted card with all of my extra samples that I have created during this project.


My Finished Roomset.


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