Experimenting With Bubbles

  1. One of the things that came to mind was water and when I thought of water I thought of bubbles so I started to experiment with them. Here, I just painted some simple bubbles and used dyes and water to add colour. I also used a little bleach to create a transparent,shiny and reflective effect like bubbles normally have. I want to experiment further using actual bubbles and different coloured inks. I chose bubbles because there is so much you can do with them and so many different effects that can be created from them.

    Here I have used bleach to create bubbles. I chose to do this on black card as it stands out and is more effective. I really like this as it looks like realistic bubbles. I definitely want to take this further by incorporating it into fashion illustrations and any other work that I do. The only issue I faced whilst doing this technique was that the bleach was going everywhere. To solve this I put material on the surface I was working on and also some gloves and an apron to prevent me from getting bleach on me.

    Here I have done the exact same as my previous sample except I have used colored procien dyes. I chose to do this because it is relevant to my theme and it has quite an earth feel to it. To develop this further, I want to sew into it and layer different patterned papers with it. I could see this being on a background of a scene or fashion illustration.


Here is something I found on Pinterest. I found it from a page called simplelittlehome. This inspired me a lot because rather than drawing actual bubbles, the idea of printing with actual bubbles intrigued me. I decided to test this out in my own work.

I decided to experiment using actual bubbles. Firstly I mixed up some washing up liquid along with water and procien dye into a large tray. I then used a straw to blow into the mixture to create bubbles. When I placed my paper into the bubble mixture, I wasn’t happy with the results, hardly anything could be seen on the paper. I then attempted the same method a few times but every time, I changed up the measurements of the liquids to see which one I needed more of and which one I needed less off.

Regardless of changing up the measurements, I didn’t see any changes in the results, so I decided to try something different. I mixed up the same mixture but this time into a plastic cup. I then blew into the straw and transferred it onto paper. I was very pleased with my results. I did this on normal paper and also tracing paper. I then layered them with a sheet of screen printed paper that I perviously prepared. I  wasn’t satisfied with my results, it looked really boring. I decided to sew into it. This really made the texture of the bubbles stand out and gave it more life. I am overly pleased with my results and will definitely be doing it again.


I have been researching through many resources, one being Pinterest. Here is someone whose work really got me excited and inspired. https://uk.pinterest.com/source/alanburjohnson.com  – Need to get checked? can’t click.

Alan bur Johnsons work demonstrates the human relationship with the natural world. Although he has incorporated insects in his work, I admire the style he has worked in and the colors he has used in some of his work. From a far distance, some of his work look like little water droplets which relates to my theme. I really like the way he has used fragments and created one big beautiful piece. Here are some examples of his work that inspired me.


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 2.32.35 PM.png

This is just some of his work. His website provides much more work and information about the artist himself.  https://www.artsy.net/artist/alan-bur-johnson – Get checked-linked.

Hedy Yang

Hedy Yang is and artist who specializes in ceramics. She incorporates bubbles in her work and the outcomes are amazing! I first heard about Hedy when a friend sent me a video over  social media. I instantly looked her up and wanted to see more of her work. I love how unique her designs are, I have never seen anything like it before.

Here is the video that was sent to me.

Some examples of her work 

By looking back at my work, I felt I didn’t do enough work in it related to bubbles so I created two pages on it alone. I incorporated different materials and textures like velvet and plastic just to add a bit of realism into my work. I stuck with the colors blue and black to link all of my samples and everything together, this way it doesn’t look random.




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