This project was a very unexpected one. When we were first given the brief, I wasn’t so sure what to do. Once I had picked an area to focus on, in my case it was visual merchandise and promoting the product, I was pretty sure what I was going to do and began to research. It was going well but the ideas that I had didn’t really relate to Carradice and how David visually displays his work. I figured  this from the visit we had from David Chadwick. He likes to display his work digitally whereas my ideas were focusing on actual window displays and visually merchandising it that way. From there, I figured I should choose something I am good at doing which is creating and pattern making so I picked the area that focuses more on the pattern of the bags rather than the construction.

This whole process has been very exciting for me because I had never worked with an industry lead brief before until now and I must say I have enjoyed the project even though there have been some hiccups along the way. It has been a learning curve for me and has given me some good experience of how life is in the industry world. From this experience, I have learnt how to manage my time better and how to balance two things at once as I have had university and Portfolio work to be doing at the same time as this project. I have also learnt that the things I may think are right in my eyes may not necessarily fit in with what is asked from the producer or the company. The audience always comes first and research is very important as I have learnt from this project.

It has been pretty hard having to focus on two things at once but I have managed to pull through and other moments will come in my life  where I have to do multiple things at once, so I have taken this as a learning journey and as a positive to prepare me for the future. Having this experience  will definitely help me in the future as I will already have some knowledge about industry and business and I can pass this on to other peers and partners.



Target Market

Target Market is such an important part in business and industry, if you are going to produce something, you need to know who your customers are first.  My specific designs are targeted at people of the age of 18 to mid 30’s, who are into their sports and like keeping active as well as in touch  with their style. They like having the latest sports gear and good quality outdoor wear and accessories. I imagine my audience to be the busy, working type people in the day and who like to go to the gym to release all their days stress and like to keep in shape. If I was to put myself in the audiences shoes, I would be someone who dresses very smartly,  has a good job earning a decent amount of money and also likes to have a good time traveling and taking part in outdoor activities in my spare time. I am a very chilled out person who loves their music, good food, reading, running and shopping. My dress sense is very smart on working days as well as normal days. I love my sports and enjoy shopping for my outdoor wear. It is important for me to have good quality accessories, that is bags as well as clothing. A good gym kit or outdoor kit wouldn’t be complete without a handy bag to store all my necessities in.

I chose to do the  camouflage design because is is popular for elderly people as well as young teenagers.It’s currently trending and very popular in both male and female fashion. I know that if I create something that is currently up to date in the trends, more customers will get attracted. I can see my designs on a duffel gym bag as well as rucksacks which are more fashionable to wear as an accessory.


Notes/Peer/Interim Assessments/Feedback

Within a week or so of having our brief given to us, we had a peer assessment. Our blogs weren’t fully developed but the purpose of it was to know where we were at at that moment in time. I like it when we have short assessments like this because it is nice having someone else look at your work instead of you and hearing their opinion and input on it. Having my peer tell me what to improve on and what my next steps were guided me a lot as I had more of a clear vision as to where I was heading next.Th16251409_1213488415402338_98475088_o

Throughout any project we always have a few tutorials just to see where we are at and to give ourselves reminders of what we need to include. During these tutorials, I always take notes to remind myself and because it is important that I ensure I am including everything that is asked of me. I also took some notes from the David Chadwick visit because he gave some vital information and it has really helped me looking back at all these notes no matter how big or small they are. Ii also always make sure I jot down notes on the actual brief because that is where all the requirements are listed and I know I will always be looking back at that.



Shireen- Interim Assessment (26/01/17)16326644_1213488505402329_803302195_oHaving this Interim Assessment with my tutor has really helped me because although I have been doing well with my practical samples, I have been a bit lost on the research side. I have included research but it hasn’t been relevant, so having talked to Shireen has guided me and shown me where I need to head now. I know what I need to include now because everything is listed and broken down on this sheet. I make sure I keep looking back at this as well as the brief and ticking off things that I have completed. I want to make sure I meet all the criteria and this will guide me in doing so.



Issues- having interviews and portfolio at same time




2016 has been filled with a lot of beige, neutral colours along with pastel greys and the bubblegum pinks. There has definitely been a pop of colour though, with the bright yellow and green fur and the big puffa jackets. Kakhi and the military style is another trend that has been going wild and is still trending now in 2017. The colours have hit the catwalks and have been worn by both men and women.


Here are some of the shots from the catwalks of the fall 2016/2017 Trends. Even though the clothing is nothing to do with bags and what our brief is, I feel it is important to see what exactly is trending at the moment because no one wants to buy something that is out of trend. People, especially teenagers like myself like to have the latest products and fashion wear. It will be good for David because if my designs do get picked, they will be of the latest trends which will appeal to more people.


Mood Board

My mood board is also where I started. It is my way of planning and gathering information. I just gathered some images that inspired me and are currently trending. This was just a starting point for me and a rough idea of what kind of colours I was going for.Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.20.36 PM.png

Looking at the recent trends, I have seen a lot of Military green/khaki being worn. My inspiration of camouflage came from seeing people and places every day along with shopping at stores and also researching high end designers . I have seen it being worn on the catwalks, on people out and about both male and female, its also on hats, trousers, makeup and other accessories not just bags. This made me want to take the design of camouflage into my project because so far, I haven’t seen anything like it in Carradice. UPSO consists of many bright colours and there isn’t really any pattern involved except for the text and the lines that come with the tarp. Introducing a pattern like camouflage will add some character and depth to his bags and would also sell very well because it is already so popular.

Here is just a few examples of where my inspiration has come from. Some of them are from top designers and brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Burberry.








My Designs/Printing/Brands/UPSO

I am going to design some patterns and prints for Carradice’s bags. His original bags from Upso are quite bald and bright which I don’t particularly like, but on the other hand I do like the colour range from seatgear. I would like to combine both and take the colors from seatgear and take the pattern aspect from UPSO.

Here I am just looking at the designs of UPSO’s bags in dept to give me more of an insight as to what I can include for my designs.


I know that I want my surface pattern to be based on camouflage, but looking at the style of the UPSO bags, I like how there are huge letters going accross them. I want to produce something along the same lines but in my own style, so that it is something different yet still effective. I decided to research upon some companies and brands that produce products in a similar style.


I chose Adidas because as well as they sell  for their clothing, their sports wear and accessories sell massively around the world. They mainly sell in JD and Sports Direct and have also started to sell in high street stores like River Island and Top Shop.  As I am concentrating on the sports aspect, I thought this would be perfect as part of my research. I  shop at Adidas myself and admire their style and the huge variety of products and clothing  they have. Their target market is mainly people of the ages of  20-29 who are athletics or people that are passionate about sports. They are currently broadening their target market to people of the ages 14-19. Having their own brands like Adidas athletics, Adidas Porsche design sports, Adidas Originals broadens the company more and attracts many more customers like myself.

The comparison is obvious! As you can see, the Porsche brand, which is the two bags at the top is much more sleek and expensive looking and it is indeed more expensive than the others. It aims at more wealthier people who may be in a higher job than others. I can see it on a healthy rich man who is well dressed in an airport or even someone who is travelling. On the other hand, the Adidas Originals sell more to the younger generation as they are  more colourful and hip hop. There is a wide variety to choose from, where some are more bald and bright, some are also quite classy and sleek. These sell at a much cheaper price than the other brands.  I can see a young teen in a tracksuit with most of these bags, someone who is in high school who likes breaking the rules and likes to think they know it all as well as young teens who are in touch with their style and like listening to hip hop/rnb music.

I also chose Adidas because as you can see each bag is individual. Some have the logo in large scale covering the whole of the front of the bag with a simple surface print as the design of the bag. Whereas some are more simple with the logo on a small scale. Some also have only the tree stripes with a small sized logo. I take inspiration from this because I couldn’t decide weather to have my UPSO logo accross the whole of the bag or just in the corner on a tiny scale. Having looked at these Adidas bags, I have come to a conclusion that I can do a mixture of both, this way I have a variety of designs for David to choose from.


Nike is another company that is hugely popular all around the world. Whether its a normal T-shirt or gym wear, it is seen being worn everyday by nearly everyone. I chose this brand as part of my research because it target markets at people who are into their sports and like to move around whether that’s indoors, in the gym or  outdoors bike riding. Carradice aims at people who like to enjoy the outdoors and their UPSO brand aims at the same type of audience. As popular as Nike is for their shoes, their bag designs are developing vastly. They have many brands specifically for sports like the Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Roshe and many more. Each brand is identified easily because they all have an individual style. For Example the Nike Air is more sporty looking and  has more bright, neon colours in them, whereas the roshe are more of a fashionable brand. They have a wide range  of different bags from bag packs to duffel bags to gym bags and they always make sure they are up to date with the latest trends. As well as sports wear they do have normal lifestyle bags that can be  added as an accessory.  Depending on what kind of bag it is, the prices start  from about £15 and go up to around £150.

I wanted to see how Nike bags display their logo in different ways. From abit of research, I can see that some of them have just the Nike Tick on its own whereas some have Nike written across the whole of the bag like the Adidas ones. This has really helped me because I now have more ideas as to how I can display my logo on my designs.



Conclusion- Reason  I chose cheap and expensive brands/companies- compare prices- compare to Carradice.- Polyester

The reason I chose to compare expensive brands along with not so expensive brands is to show that prices don’t just get picked based on how a product looks. They vary depending on the quality of the product, the materials used, the time and effort put in. For example the Seatgear bags along with the Adidas Porsche brand bags are more expensive because they come from expensive cars which consist of good quality leather, just like the UPSO bags, the tarp is of good quality and will not wear off quickly. On the other hand, bags like the Adidas string bags aren’t so expensive because they are made from normal polyester which will probably wear off quite quickly. I think it is good to compare because a lot of businesses and industries also do  this as part of competition to see what they could do to make their products that little bit better.

Over the past few weeks, I have experimented a lot using screen printing and stitching. I have produced a few outcomes of the UPSO letters using some of the tarp given to us by David and also some from a few samples of leather and tarp I have found within College. The first few samples I created were on paper, just to see what results I would get, I used the colours I mostly see on the Carradice website aswell as  the colours from seatgear just to see how well they will all go together, they turned out very well and I will definitely be producing more samples. With my camouflage designs, I have done some using different shades of green and also using black and neutral pinky greys. Because we are so used to seeing the typical army green, I thought I should experiment using different colours. On a few of my other  samples, I have combined my camouflage designs as well as the UPSO letters  to see whether both the camo and the big letters go well together. I have realised they do go together, but I would also like to experiment more using CAD to see what the letters would look like if they were reduced in size to become the logo instead of big letters going accross the bag.

My official designs started with a stencil that I made. I have used this throughout my project to create the camouflage surface print.


I have experimented with a lot of materials, textures and colours using screen printing, stitching, drawing and cutting.

Here is some printing I did. I have used the UPSO logo to create a screen. I have continuously


CAD work- Unit 12

This is something I decided to do in Adobe Illustrator. It is not my final outcome, but I just wanted to experiment a little and try out a few ideas. I am pretty sure that I will develop this further after more research. I am also going to do a few freehand sketches on paper just because it is easier sometimes to rub things out and add to them.screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-54-42-pm

 Bag designs

During this project, I have produced a lot of practical work which has been great but it has no use on its own. I decided to scan my designs in and interpret them onto some bags. I think it is important to do this as it gives more of an insight as to what the final outcome could look like and it also looks very professional when it comes to mounting them up and presenting them.I have produced a number of designs which I would like to try out in different ways. Some of my designs have the UPSO letters on quite a large scale along with some print in the bag, whereas some of them are just surface print patterns of camouflage. It would be interesting to see how many different outcomes I can come up with, it will be good to have a range of designs for David to have a look at than just one boring one.I have mixed up some of my colours, where camouflage is normally a army khaki colour, I have used different shades of green on some, where on some theres no green at all. I have done this because I wanted my designs to stand out and look different and not just like the ordinary patterns we see on a normal day.

I started off by drawing a simple outline of a bag, I chose a duffel bag as one of my main shape of bag, because it is trending a lot this year and it is also associated with sports and gym.

original-bagI outlined this image with a sharpie marker to make it easier for me to edit on Photoshop as the lines are more bald and visible.


I scanned in one of my designs into Photoshop.upso

Here, I have used Photoshop to interpret my design on to the outline of the bag. I kept this first one it its original colour just to see what it looks like on an actual bag. I changed the colour of the straps so that they go well with the rest of the bag, but I haven’t done anything over the top. To develop this further I could try and see what the straps look like with my patterns on them along with a plain, no patterned bag. bag-designs

Here, I have just experimented with changing the Hue Saturation. I liked this grey colour which is quite neutral and would go with anything. For the straps, I kept them grey but with a hint of brown just to add a bit of colour and character to the bag.bag-designs-2

Here, I created a repeated pattern out of one of my own designs.


Visual Merchandise/window displays/shops/ideas

I have chosen to design a suitable window display for Carradice. I intend to research through the internet as well as books and face to face visits to different shops. I have already been to various shops and had a look at the window displays. I have definitely taken some inspiration of how things can be showcased and sold through visual merchandising.

Here is one example I found in Debenhams.

My current ideas have been based around items and materials based around car wheels and tools but this might change as I do further research.

I have been doing some primary research. I have been to town many times and taken pictures of shop displays. I don’t want to just focus on window displays but also on how products are displayed differently in different shops. I want to find out the kind of props that are used to give me more ideas.

One other from of research has been Pinterest. I have been looking at different ways of displaying things along with props.

Here I was looking at how different shops display their products differently. I wasn’t only focusing on the actual window display, I focused a little more on how the actual products were placed and what props were used to make them look presentable. As you can see, most of these displays have a theme and aren’t just placed in any random area. The sports bags are all displayed along with the sports wear and other sports gear. In the picture I took of the perfumes in New Look, they are all placed in a certain position and presented in a very professional manner. The nail polish display in Next was displayed along with all the other makeup, but because it is a new addition to their store, they have displayed them on a stand so that they can promote their latest addition to attract more buyers. This happens in many shops, the most recent addition is always displayed at the front, so for example if a new top is in store they will display it  on a mannequin along with a completed outfit to show what will go well together which gets the attention of more customers. I have noticed that many stores do this weather it is clothes, shoes or other products.